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  • Personal Training Classes In Waterford

    Personal Training is when I the trainer, and You the client, decide to work together on a ‘One to One’ basis. The objective is to find training methods that work to improve your nutrition, motivation, education and discipline, bringing about positive change for your body and mind.

    My name is Leslie Russell and I am the Personal Trainer here at Russell Fitness in Waterford. I understand that you need personal guidance and training to achieve your goals.

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  • Group Training Classes In Waterford

    Group Training classes consist of up to 15 people, each person receives a personalised programme card and information to achieve their goals. Together we decide what you want to work on, what body parts, whether its cardio or resistance training or both to achieve your desired shape.

    To ensure you get the most from each session, training will provided by a fitness professional each night. Classes are highly motivational and educational.

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  • Amazing Body Transformations

    Changing a persons body shape with our body transformation program is my speciality and passion. The body transformation happens through a strong working relationship with my clients, a strong work ethic, education and discipline.

    Our custom training facility in Waterford is the perfect place for your body transformation to begin. Click below to find out more!

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  • Welcome To Russell Fitness – Fitness Training In Waterford

    Have you ever wanted to start fitness training but felt uncomfortable going to a crowded gym with lack of privacy and people looking at you while you train? At Russell Fitness in Waterford, you can have the benefits of a fully equipped up to date gym and the privacy together!

    Russell Fitness provide quality fitness training that gives each individual what they want.

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